Sailors' Valentines by Gregg Roberts

Private Instruction: Gregg offers private instruction to individuals and small groups. Create your own heirloom-quality sailor's valentine in his renovated Cotuit carriage house. All supplies - including a mahogany box and a selection of thousands of exotic seashells - are included. Please call 774.238.9714 to arrange. 

Meticulously handcrafted. Completely Original.

About Sailors' Valentines: There's a charming legend about sailors' valentines which depicts the intricate pieces of art as something that would have been created in the 1800s by a bored sailor, on a months-long journey, to present to a sweetheart upon his return. While this legend offers a romantic...

At Roger Williams University: Gregg was honored to create a large, commissioned sailors' valentine - believed to be the largest one in the world - for Roger Williams University, in Bristol, RI to commemorate the grand opening of a new building. He named the sailors' valentine, which incorporates well-known scenes from Bristol's rich history, simply "The Bristol Piece."

To Purchase: Gregg Roberts' handcrafted sailors' valentines are available for purchase at the Cape Cod Antiques Center in Dennis or by appointment at his Cotuit studio. Please email, or call us at 774.238.9714, to arrange an appointment. Commissioned pieces are welcomed. 


A centuries-old tradition continues.